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Building Data Lakes on AWS

Код курса: AWS-010 Продолжительность: 1 день (8 часов)

Building Data Lakes on AWS

Learn how to build and secure a data lake and optimize for cost and performance


Do you want to develop business insights from siloed data stores with the help of a data lake? Our new one-day classroom course, Building Data Lakes on AWS, will help you practice building and securing a data lake in a hands-on environment. An expert instructor will also teach you how to optimize for cost and performance.

What you’ll learn
  • Apply data lake methodologies in planning and designing a data lake
  • Articulate the components and services required for building an AWS data lake
  • Secure a data lake with appropriate permission
  • Ingest, store, and transform data in a data lake
  • And much more
Who should take this course
  • Data platform engineers
  • Solutions architects
  • IT professionals
What experience you’ll need
  • Completed the AWS Technical Essentials course
  • One year of experience building data analytics pipelines or have completed the Data Analytics Fundamentals digital course
* — курс проводится онлайн, на английском языке

Module 1: Introduction to data lakes

 Describe the value of data lakes
 Compare data lakes and data warehouses
 Describe the components of a data lake
 Recognize common architectures built on data lakes

Module 2: Data ingestion, cataloging, and preparation

 Describe the relationship between data lake storage and data ingestion
 Describe AWS Glue crawlers and how they are used to create a data catalog
 Identify data formatting, partitioning, and compression for efficient storage and query

 Lab 1: Set up a simple data lake

Module 3: Data processing and analytics

 Recognize how data processing applies to a data lake
 Use AWS Glue to process data within a data lake
 Describe how to use Amazon Athena to analyze data in a data lake

Module 4: Building a data lake with AWS Lake Formation

 Describe the features and benefits of AWS Lake Formation
 Use AWS Lake Formation to create a data lake
 Understand the AWS Lake Formation security model

 Lab 2: Build a data lake using AWS Lake Formation

Module 5: Additional Lake Formation configurations

 Automate AWS Lake Formation using blueprints and workflows
 Apply security and access controls to AWS Lake Formation
 Match records with AWS Lake Formation FindMatches
 Visualize data with Amazon QuickSight

 Lab 3: Automate data lake creation using AWS Lake Formation blueprints

 Lab 4: Data visualization using Amazon QuickSight

Module 6: Architecture and course review

 Post course knowledge check
 Architecture review
 Course review

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